Wolff Ninja Grinding Disc



The Ninja is an extremely effective grinding disc for monodisc grinding machines. This disc is designed for use with five of Wolff's long-lasting diamond cutting segments that can be easily changed with the innovative slide-lock system. A wide range of cutting segments available for different removal requirements.

  • Extremely effective grinding disc for Wolff grinding machines
  • Universal clutch plate adapater enables use with all other brands
  • High quality, long-lasting cutting segments
  • Unique Wolff design
  • Easy to change cutting segments due to the innovative slide-lock system
  • Comes with universal clutch plate for ultimate versatility
  • Diamond cutting segments for different removal requirements
  • PCD Split segments are used on adhesives, thin leveling compounds and coatings
  • PCD Scraper segments are used on thick adhesives, tile mortars, jute & fleece backing and thicker layers of leveling compound
  • PCD 2 Quarter Round segments for extremely aggressive removal of adhesives & thin-set mortars
  • ES K20 Black segments for profiling soft to very soft concrete to prepare surface for new coatings
  • BT K20 Gold segments for profiling hard to very hard concrete to prepare surface for new coatings
  • Diameter: 15" approx. 

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