The fastest, easiest carpet removal machine ever produced. Quiet, safer to operate than a stripper machine.

  • Will work on any type of direct down carpet over any type of floor surface
  • Unit automatically locks itself into the existing glued down carpet
  • Easy to use on any size job
  • One person operation
  • Can easily remove over 1000 yards per day
  • Will pull carpet up to 12' wide at one time
  • Pulls up to 15' to 22' per minute
  • Cuts normal labor to a fraction
  • Special designed high polymer low stretch cord (not nylon) designed for safer winch application (no cable)
  • In most cases, goods are re-usable for relaying or sale
  • Strongest built pull bars in the industry
  • Shark tooth base gripper teeth have a super hold even on flat carpet
  • Runs off regular 110 circuit
  • Unit measures 24" x 30"
  • Recognized by insurance companies to reduce workman's comp
  • Comes with #71-2 46" Pull Bar
  • Heavy duty, built to withstand the abuse of day-in/day-out commercial use, proven since 1975
  • One year warranty on motor and frame

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