Ardex GPS General Patch & Skimcoat



ARDEX GPS™ General Patch & Skimcoat is a trowelable patch and skim coat for use over interior concrete, wood, ceramic tile, and cutback and other non-water soluble adhesive residues on concrete.

Key Features

  • Use to patch and skim coat concrete, wood, adhesive residues on concrete and more
  • Blend of specially selected cements and polymers
  • Install from a featheredge up to 1/2” (6 mm)
  • Walk on in approximately 30 minutes
  • Install floor covering in 1 to 2 hours
  • Suitable for residential and most commercial floor coverings



Mixing Ratio: 5 quarts (4.75 liters) of water per one 25 lb. (11.34 kg) bag.
For smaller batches, use 2.5 parts powder to 1 part water by volume.
When using ARDEX E 25, use 2 quarts (1.9 liters) of additive and 3 quarts (2.8 liters) of water per 25 lb. (11.34 kg) bag.
Coverage (approx.): 65 sq. ft. (6 sq. m.) per bag at 1/8” (3 mm)
700 to 800 sq. ft. (65 to 74 sq. m.) at a skim coat
1200 to 1800 sq. ft. (111.5 to 167.2 sq. m.) as an embossing filler. Coverage will vary depending on the texture of the surface being smoothed.

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